‘..a fine musician […] vibrant colours with plenty of virtuosity [..]An unexpected and arresting experience.’- Michael Church, Review, the Independent, February 2015

Abraham Brody is an artist using music, performance, and video.

He is interested in pushing boundaries between performer and public, as well as the limits of our everyday awareness and consciousness into what he calls ‘spiritual consciousness.’
In order to bring this ‘spiritual consciousness’ into his works he often researches cultures which are still connected to their ancient roots such as Buryat Mongol Shamanism and the pagan traditions of Eastern Europe.


Rituals and their potential to raise consciousness and deepen self identity are themes of great importance in his works. He often uses long in his performances to create a deeper connection between himself and his audience, allowing them to achieve a new level of focus and consciousness.

He also performs internationally as a violinist and singer, creating compositions based on folk music of his Lithuanian and Ukrainian roots. As a musician he has performed recently at Joe’s Pub at the public theatre in New York with Czech artist Iva Bittová, at Sziget Festival Budapest, Barbican Hall London, Ronnie Scotts Jazz club London, Royal Festival Hall London, Underdogs Gallery Lisbon, Kristupo Festival Vilnius, Boston Symphony Hall, and Prague Smetana Hall, among others.