Preetha Narayanan is an accomplished violinist who has performed and led projects extensively around the world as a soloist, collaborator, and in bands such as Oi Va Voi and Shammi Pithia. Merging Western and Indian Classical training with a wide range of influences from her collaborations and research, Preetha is sought after for her distinctive voice and unique sound. She completed a Masters in Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in 2010, where she is currently doing doctoral research.

Preetha has co-founded two ensembles: FLUX, a four-member band developing a reputation for multi-instrumental talent and energizing sound and Quest Ensemble, a contemporary classical trio whose original works seamlessly blend improvisation with devised composition. 

In addition to performance, members of Quest work together in London, the UK and abroad to lead projects in education and collaborate with artists of all mediums.