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Clara Sanabras

Clara Sanabras

Clara Sanabras is vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer based in London. Born in France, raised in Barcelona, her musical explorations are as varied as her background. With her unmistakable sound, striking stage presence and songwriting talent, she’s gained formidable repute worldwide in the fields of folk, classical, and contemporary music. Her enigmatic voice and multi-instrumentalism feature in top Hollywood soundtracks
such as The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and Snow White and The Huntsman.

In an impressive back catalogue of recordings, theatre and screen credits, Clara has appeared at many international festivals & venues, from Glastonbury to Sydney Opera House, National and Globe Theatres, and collaborated with artists from all disciplines Natacha Atlas, Jarvis CockerRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra, and John Rutter amongst many.

With five albums of original songs under her belt, her latest project, a folk opera based on Shakespeare’s the Tempest, was released in 2016 and premièred at The Barbican, to mark the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Clara is also a researcher in neuro-plasticity of the brain, a subject that will be central in her forthcoming musical project “Fugue to the Floating World”.