Faró is the moniker of traditional Irish singer and instrumentalist Fergus Cahillane - a founder member of M’ANAM, and curator of the highly successful “Sunday Session” series at Dublin’s iconic Stag’s Head Pub.

Having grown up learning traditional Irish tunes on the fiddle, he moved to writing songs and playing loudly in rock bands. Over the years, he spent more and more time arranging other people's songs, singing at traditional sessions and running an open-night of music and storytelling in Dublin's City Centre.

A key member of internationally renowned Irish a capella ensemble Anúna, he says of being part of the band:

“Live music is the most honest part of my day. As a Dublin-born member it's not lost on me that people travel from all over the world for a chance to hear or to sing with Anúna.

Our international singers bring a world of experience and vocal training into the group, it is a great opportunity to grow alongside them. In turn I hope they experience the same respect for music and each other as I would expect from a traditional Irish music session.

To experience music for the sake of music with no ego or affectation is a thing which an Irishman might take for granted. I'm lucky to see how unique this is by bringing singers from all over the world into these environments. For me, when Anúna is functioning, it has the same feeling of playing together and is effortless and moving.”