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Faró is the moniker of traditional Irish singer and instrumentalist Fergus Cahillane - a founder member of M’ANAM, and curator of the highly successful “Sunday Session” series at Dublin’s iconic Stag’s Head Pub.

Having grown up learning traditional Irish tunes on the fiddle, he moved to writing songs and playing loudly in rock bands. Over the years, he spent more and more time arranging other people's songs, singing at traditional sessions and running an open-night of music and storytelling in Dublin's City Centre.

A key member of internationally renowned Irish a capella ensemble Anúna, he says of being part of the band:

“Live music is the most honest part of my day. As a Dublin-born member it's not lost on me that people travel from all over the world for a chance to hear or to sing with Anúna.

Our international singers bring a world of experience and vocal training into the group, it is a great opportunity to grow alongside them. In turn I hope they experience the same respect for music and each other as I would expect from a traditional Irish music session.

To experience music for the sake of music with no ego or affectation is a thing which an Irishman might take for granted. I'm lucky to see how unique this is by bringing singers from all over the world into these environments. For me, when Anúna is functioning, it has the same feeling of playing together and is effortless and moving.”


Lisa Knapp

Lisa Knapp


It’s been 12 years since her remarkable debut album Wild And Undaunted marked Lisa Knapp as one of the brightest and most innovative stars of a newly invigorated British folk movement. A child of the 90s rave scene, Lisa found herself drawn to the honesty of the ballads she heard at South London folk clubs and the dexterous Irish fiddle tunes she began joining in with at pub sessions. From there she immersed herself in library manuscripts, pored over second-hand records from the 70s and sought out the masters of traditional music to learn from. Working with partner and producer Gerry Diver, she forged a new path through these old songs that is uniquely and spellbindingly hers.

“A unique voice” - Uncut

Over the years, she’s worked with some of the finest musicians in folk music and beyond: Robert Plant, Eliza Carthy, Graham Coxon, Sam Lee, Olivia Chaney, Leafcutter John, Stick In The Wheel - the list goes on.

“Knapp isn’t just a great folk artist, she’s a great artist full stop.” - Morning Star

While it’s true that Lisa Knapp’s music is steeped in old weird England and its mysterious customs, it’s not a nostalgia for idyllic yesteryears. These are records made amidst the reality of a Britain which is anything but merry. You can hear it in her use of sampled street sounds; the cut-up vocals; the very modern manipulation of sound – a tension between then and now where Lisa’s music sparks. These reminders of where we came from also ask us who we are now.


Blood Moon Project

Blood Moon Project


Blood Moon Project is Heloise Tunstall BehrensTanya Auclair, & Luisa Gerstein - three singers, musicians, composers, and producers living and working in London. They also perform together in Deep Throat Choir, and the contemporary opera, “The Swarm”, where vocal experimentation and interplay takes centre stage. 

Heloise is currently studying composition at Trinity Laban, Tanya is working on a new LP, and Luisa is scoring music for the Vaudeville production of Emilia.  They will be sharing some of their vocal exploration in this first collaborative performance as a trio: Blood Moon Project.  

Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake


Cosmo Sheldrake is a 28 year old multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer. He released his first single ‘The Moss’ in 2014, which was followed by the ‘Pelicans We’ EP in 2015. This April he will release his debut album ‘The Much Much How How and I’ on Transgressive Records. Much of his work is to do with play, nonsense and the sonorous environment.

“He perceives the daily world around him… definitely with a child-like curiosity and wonder but also with a fair measure of genius.” – The Guardian

Cosmo has also toured internationally, both on his own and with Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, Mr Jukes, Sam Lee and The Gentle Mystics.

“If his past is anything to go by, Sheldrake’s future is set to be unique.” – The Telegraph

In 2015 he ran a community choir in Brighton. He has composed music for film, theatre, including a series of Becket plays at The Young Vic. He has also worked as a facilitator and a teacher running music workshops for young people in England, Canada and the U.S.A.


Sam Lee

Sam Lee

How many traditional English folk singers do you know who come from North London, studied at Chelsea School of Art, worked as a forager and wilderness expert while moonlighting as a burlesque dancer – until a chance encounter led to the door of the great Scottish Traveller singer Stanley Robertson, and an extraordinary four-year apprenticeship into the arcane, living world of traditional song that few outside the Traveller and Gypsy communities have ever experienced?

Since bursting on to the folk scene at the end of the Noughties, Mercury Prize nominee Sam Lee has blazed a trail as an outstanding singer and song collector. He’s also been the driving force behind the eclectic, award-winning folk club The Nest Collective,  founder of the vital Song Collectors’ Collective, and the originator of Singing With Nightingales.


Kerry Andrew

Kerry Andrew


Kerry Andrew is a London-based composer, performer and author.

She has a PhD in Composition from the University of York and has won four British Composer Awards. As a composer, she specialises in experimental vocal and choral music, music-theatre and community music.

She performs with the award-winning experimental post-a cappella trio juice vocal ensemble, who have released two albums on the Nonclassical label. She also performs alt-folk as You Are Wolf, exploring traditional songs and lore in unusual, electronica-tinged arrangements. Her second album, Keld, was awarded fRoots magazine’s Editor’s Choice! Album of the Year 2018 and was in the Guardian’s Top Ten Folk Albums 2018. She is also a multi-instrumentalist with the rock/classical/jazz quintet DOLLYman.

Her debut novel, Swansong, was published by Jonathan Cape in January 2018 . She was shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award 2018.