It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable odds against us in protecting and preserving our planet and its plants and creatures. It’s certainly a challenge, but one to which we can make a difference.

We asked the RSPB for advice on small changes that we can make:

1. Reduce, re-use, recycle
Remember that 'reduce' comes first. Do you ever buy things that you don't really need? Are there ways you could travel less? This isn't about 'cutting back', this is about recognising our urge to consume, and realising that we just don't need it all to be happy and healthy.

2. Eat sustainably
Eat in-season goods, eat local produce, and reduce meat consumption.

3. Support local initiatives
If you want to get your hands dirty, try volunteering for one of your local nature reserves or The Conservation Volunteers. If you aren’t able to join in, give them your financial and moral support.

4. Support national and international conservation charities
The 'big guns' have the influence to deliver big-scale change. The RSPB, for example, is able to do what it does thanks to its 1.2 million members.

5. Create a wildlife-friendly garden or local greenspace
The basics are quite simple: grow lots of plants, minimise hard surfaces, add water (a birdbath or pond), compost green waste, and avoid using pesticides. Increasingly we are realising what nature-rich places our gardens can be if we look after them properly.

6. Make your voice heard
We need our politicians to know that the planet matters. Your voice gives them the nudge - and the permission - to act in response. Write to them, ask them what their environmental policies are, attend rallies and campaigns on the things that really matter and will make a difference.

7. Be informed, and help others to get informed - talk about it!
Make it your mission to find out more. Once informed, you will be better equipped to act.

Tell your friends and family. Talk to them about wildlife, the environment, and your love of it. Share your thoughts and actions on social media. You will inspire others, and make looking after our planet the norm.

Check through the list, and tick off those you already do - feel proud of what you are already achieving. Then identify those areas where you could do more, and pledge to make a change.

We will get there if we all do our bit; and 'all doing our bit' starts with you!