Green Farm is set in the beautiful Kent countryside, amongst ancient woodland and wildflower meadows. It is home to an abundance of fauna and wildlife, including some rare species. The land is supported by the Kent Wildlife Trust.

Owners Maryann and Martin Richmond-Coggan are passionate about conservation and work hard to encourage and retain the natural habitats of local species. They’ve decided to stickwith traditional methods of managing meadows and pastures. This means cutting the hay later in the year to allow the wildflowers to set seed, and taking their time so the bumblebees and other pollinators don’t find their food sources have disappeared overnight. They are also committed to keeping the skies dark, reducing artificial light around the grounds so nocturnal species don’t find their feeding and breeding patterns interrupted.

As a result of their (and their neighbours’) careful farming, they have nightingales visit the farm each year, taking residence in their lovely woodland, near the campfire meadow. It’s a perfect place to experience Singing With Nightingales; a truly charming, quintessentially English location.

MaryAnn and Martin have created a charity, the Pearce Coggan Foundation, dedicated to getting young people and people with special needs outdoors, being active and understanding where their food comes from, as well as conservation of farmland and woodland with the objective of habitat improvement and species enrichment. Follow the link below for more information on Green Farm.


BY CAR: Green Farm is off the M20 near Ashford, usually under 2 hours journey from London.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Ashford Station is on a direct line from Stratford, with the site a short bus or taxi journey from there.

Unfortunately, public transport links for the return journey late at night are not so strong. If you are interested in pre-booking shared taxi travel after your event, please let us know by checking the box at checkout. Alternatively, we will also be working local partners to provide accommodation. Please let us know at checkout if you are interested in this.