Audience Testimonials


Audience Testimonials

"…lying under the stars listening to the nightingales everything lifted…Thank you so much." – Janet

"It was, as promised, magical" – Dan Damon, BBC R4

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"Still aglow. One of the most profound and magical nights of my life." – John M

"It was just wonderful from beginning to end and is a very special memory." – Caroline J

"The food and hospitality were wonderful, the music was spellbinding and the atmosphere was really very special indeed." – Alison S

"What an experience; the company, the camp fire, the food, the (human) singing, the woods, the flowers and trees, the stars, the nightingales and other birds singing. Wow! Never to be forgotten." – Colin & Marianne

"It showed us a new way of hearing, seeing and being. Or perhaps not a new way at all, but a very old way." – Fiona M

"It was quite magical being in the woods as the wind dropped and the campfire warmed us. I thought we may hear one or two nightingales, but not four or five. Quite surreal!" – Kate L

"The food was delicious. The farm was a lovely spot too. I’m still buzzing from such an amazing evening." – Fiona S

"Nothing could have prepared me however for the uncanny experience of tramping silently through the woods in almost total darkness, completely still and silent save for the echoing songs of numerous nightingales and the hootings of a far-off owl." – Charles B

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