"...suddenly it begins: the strangest and most wonderful concert" - The Observer

Singing With Nightingales returns from April 20th to May 27th 2018 – purchase Early Songbird tickets to reserve your place.

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Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to intoxicating song, as some of the finest musicians in the land duet with the rare and sweet song of the nightingale.

Immerse yourself in the folklore and ways of our native birds, savour the music of world renowned guest artists from folk, classical, world music, and jazz arenas.

Join us in a rare and thrilling journey as darkness falls upon the springtime woodlands of southern England.

You are invited not just to listen to these birds in ear-tinglingly close proximity, but to share an evening around the fire, delving into your hosts’ and guest musicians' own funds of rare songs and stories.

Each night features a carefully chosen host – an ornithological expert and fund of knowledge on the ways of the woods – plus a very special guest musician. After a filling supper and fine drinking round the fire, the group of around 20 will walk in silence and darkness into the nightingale’s habitat, not only to listen to these majestic birds, but to share in an improvised collaboration; to experience what happens when bird and human virtuosi converge in musical collaboration.